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Check out an awesome Alex Tang illustration of this look here. To see what else is inspiring me at the moment, check out my other Tumblr, All Plaid Everything. 


Check out an awesome Alex Tang illustration of this look here. To see what else is inspiring me at the moment, check out my other Tumblr, All Plaid Everything

Tommy stays winning.

Tommy stays winning.

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The Prepsetter

The way Tommy Hilfiger puts a fresh spin on the timeless preppy aesthetic season after season never ceases to amaze me…

For his Spring 2013 Ready-To-Wear collection, Mr. Hilfiger’s muse was the preppy jetsetter. 

He told FabSugar:

"This preppy girl loves to travel. And she loves adventure and loves the outdoors."

The clothes feature a mix of nautical touches (marine stripes, fisherman knits) and safari-inspired elements (khaki, bermuda shorts) with a dash of Americana (patchwork denim, that ever-present red, white and blue color palette), taking you from Nantucket to Nairobi and back again. 

Phew! What a journey!

I had the hardest time picking my favorites from this collection. I started with 13 looks, then narrowed it down to my top 3:

Peep the entire collection here.

They’re baaaack

Sound the fox horn. Round up the Morgans and the rest of the pack. Try to keep Noah out of the barn and Lea off of her horse. The tackroom is taken by Sam. The stableboys are all about Jax. Bernard is gunning for the prize. Eric’s tallying up the game cards. Meanwhile, Chloe’s got a little secret with a cold nose and a bushy tail. So get out your Wellies and tweed, jodhpurs and those adorable little hats. The game’s afoot…the fox is out of the bag…and oh, tally-ho, it’s going to be glorious!

The Hilfigers are up to their usual shenanigans with a quirky take on a classic hunt club

I always look forward to Tommy Hilfiger’s fall ad campaigns. Serious eye candy.

And, no, that clever copy about the fictional Hilfigers isn’t mine. It was lifted from a company press release.

Pretty pants, pretty belts, pretty boys.

Pretty pants, pretty belts, pretty boys.

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More of those Hilfigers I melt for. And the super catchy "All Night Disco Party" by Brakes.

Happy Thanksgiving! The holiday season is officially here!


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Melly Melts For…

The Hilfigers.

Check ‘em:

I know, I know…they’re members of a fictional family conceived to sell Tommy Hilfiger clothing. So what. They’re pretty and styled within an inch of their lives. (I keep three ring binders of inspirational photos from magazines and these have been added to my collection.)

I’m also digging the Wes Anderson-ish vibe. Definitely channeling “The Royal Tenenbaums” here.

To check out the Hilfigers’ “family album,” click here. I have to say…the writer in me appreciates the narrative nature of this campaign. 

Turns out I can go on and on about perfume

Tommy Hilfiger has released a new fragrance for men and women called Eau de Prep.

The ladies’ version, Tommy Girl Eau de Prep, has a heart of white rose, violet leaf and hawthorn, top notes of Bosc pear, pink pepper and green apple, and bottom notes of sandalwood, patchouli and musk.

I like to think I have the nose of a narcotics canine, but I did not take a whiff and draw those conclusions myself. I copied and pasted that description from the Internets, people. 

This weekend I’m making it my mission to sample Prep, though. I have high hopes for this fragrance probably too high. But I can’t help it. Tommy has come through for me in the past.

As you might know, scent is closely tied to memory (Nerd Alert: In high school, I did a science fair project on this phenomenon…called it “What Your Nose Knows”…got an “A” on that bad boy.) and I have many misty, watercolor memories of the way I was when I wore Tommy Hilfiger Freedom. Mainly, I was young, y’all!

It came out in 1999, when I was just a junior in high school. My classmates were wearing Tommy Girl or Cool Water, but not me. I thought Tommy Girl was way too heavy. And Cool Water was too light. But Freedom, a green floral, was just right.

I like green scents a lot. Over the years I’ve determined not many other women like green scents, though, because they’re always discontinued. Freedom is no exception.

By the time I was a senior in college, Freedom was nearly impossible to find. I moved on. Several times.

I’m faithful in my romantic relationships, but I am a whore when it comes to fragrance. Or, at the very least, a love ‘em and leave ‘em kind of gal.

I go from scent to scent, callously discarding one for another with no warning, in hopes of finding true love. (Tried that, too…True Love by Elizabeth Arden. For me, it was just a fling.)

I do have one scent I keep around. It’s a white floral I’ve worn off and on for years.

Is it “The One”?

Mmm…I think I’ll just know.


Photos: Still The Lovely, Macy’s.

Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2012

Tommy Hilfiger set the bar high with his fantastic Spring 2011 collection, which I dubbed “country club chic− the remix.”

Hilfiger’s Spring 2012 collection has garnered mixed reviews, but I think it’s solid. The looks are cohesive (clean lines and saturated colors throughout) and Team Tommy even managed to put new spins on classic pieces…

like the shirtdress (leather is much more novel than, say, linen or cotton)

…and −that ’70s disco staple− the jumpsuit (lapels lend a preppy vibe).

My top 3 picks from the show:

See the entire collection here.


Photos: New York magazine