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She wears the white hat…er…dress

That title? It’s a “Scandal” thing. Get hip, people. 

Anyway, I never pass up an opportunity to write about two of my favorite things: "Scandal" and fashion. So when I read this “People” story about the gown Olivia wears in episode 208, I knew I had to post a little somethin’ here.

The dress is vintage. And beautiful, right?

The show’s costume designer, Lyn Paolo, told “People”:

"There were a lot of needs for this dress: I wanted it to be white to echo [an episode from] last year, and she had to be able to move in it, too— she had to run down a hallway in one scene, and withstand wind effects in another. So I needed something that flowed."

Run down a hallway?! Withstand wind?!

Fitz is totally going to get shot.

Jesus, be a fence.