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A Rap for Rachel →

Last night I tuned in to the Season 5 premiere of “The Rachel Zoe Project.” And, to quote its star, it was so maj.

We watched the tiny stylist attend a bunch of NYFW shows in search of clothes for her clients, get bangs, stage her first runway show, and defend her Burberry buys for baby Sky.

Oh, Rach, never change. 

For a peek at what’s to come, peep this clip from the next episode.

I die


Isn’t this a fantastic illustration? You know who it is immediately!

Gone 'Til September →

The season 4 premiere of “The Rachel Zoe Project” has been pushed back yet again. Bananas!

Originally scheduled to air in July, then August, it will debut on Tues., Sept. 6 at 10 p.m. EST on Bravo. A press release describes the first episode thusly: 

…Rachel Zoe Inc. is growing exponentially and so is Rachel’s family. With a baby on the way, Rodger [Berman, Zoe’s husband] looks for a bigger house, while Rachel sets her eyes on launching her new fashion line. After an Elle magazine photo shoot with her hubby, Rachel and Rodger jet off to a round of interviews for potential new junior stylists to replace Brad [Goreski, Zoe’s former assistant]. Hoping she’ll slow down and take it easy, Rachel tries to manage it all, leaving Rodger concerned for her health and well-being.

Check out the season 4 trailer at the link!