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Playing this to get myself motivated this morning.

And just like that I’m in love with JT again.

I can’t not get my groove on when I hear this song. And the video is equally awesome. Little Dude has moves! 

Happy Friday!  

As you know, I posted George Michael’s “Freedom” video on Monday. It’s one of my all-time favorites and it seemed appropriate since I’d taken a vacation day. (Get it?)

Coincidentally, George released a new video, for his single “White Light,” this week. The “Freedom” video featured just about every supermodel popular in the ’90s except the one featured here: Kate Moss. 

Not really feeling the song, but the cinematography is beautiful. Check it.

Nineties supermodels and George Michael. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Not sure why so many people hate Lana Del Rey. I’m indifferent. Not in love with her, but listening to her music isn’t torturous.

Anyway…this video, for her single “National Anthem,” is interesting if nothing else. For running commentary from its director, Anthony Mandler, click here.

You may not believe it

But I don’t believe in miracles anymore

And when I think about it

I don’t believe I ever did for sure

Credits: Mercury Records Limited/YouTube

Apparently Cee Lo released this song, “Bright Lights Bigger City,” a year ago this month, but it’s just now on my radar. (I have a hard time keeping up with the kids.)

Anyway… Heard it and liked it immediately, probably because the bassline reminds me of “Billie Jean.” 

Credits: YouTube

I’m incredibly sad over the death of Whitney Houston. Her songs −and Michael Jackson’s− were practically the soundtrack to my childhood. 

It’s impossible to pick my favorite Whitney song, but if I had to pick my favorite Whitney music video, it’s this one. “I’m Your Baby Tonight” is the lead single and title track from her third album. It would become her eleventh Top 10 hit and eighth No. 1. 

The video is said to be an homage to the sounds of black music that helped define Whitney’s sound, paying tribute in simulation of the Harlem Renaissance (with Whitney as Marlene Dietrich), Motown (notably The Supremes as Whitney created two clones of herself), and Hollywood’s Golden Age (with Whitney dressed as Audrey Hepburn in “Funny Face”).

My thoughts and prayers are with Whitney’s family.


Video: YouTube

Did you know Monica and Brandy’s duet “The Boy Is Mine” hit the airwaves almost 14 years ago? (I officially feel older than dirt.) Well, the ladies have reunited for a new song called “It All Belongs To Me.”

I wanted to like it. I really did. But the lyrics are so disappointing. 

A sample:

I know you’re mad

Can’t take no more

But put that back 

That ain’t yours

Have a fit 

Slam the door

Leave them bags on the floor

That shit belongs to me

Those clothes, those cars, those rings

And that MacBook

That shit belongs to me

So log off your Facebook

It all belongs to me

I read this (by the always amusing Michael K over at Dlisted) and couldn’t think of anything more hilarious −or accurate− to say:

If I was listening to this boring mess in the car, I would’ve fallen asleep at the wheel, lost control and killed somebody. This sounds like it was written as the theme song for a Tyler Perrymovie after the producers scraped their dimes together and realized they can’t afford the rights to "Irreplaceable." 

Click here if you want to give “It All Belongs To Me” a listen.

As for me… I’ll be taking it back to 1998 with “The Boy Is Mine.” And singing along, of course. You know it’s impossible not to.


Video: YouTube