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Michael Jackson

—Heaven Can Wait

Taking it back to 2001.

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—My Favorite Things

You’ve probably heard this song in the Victoria’s Secret holiday commercial that’s aired non-stop lately. Sounds like Lana Del Rey, but it isn’t.

Regardless, I like this version a lot.

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Robin Gibb’s death yesterday at age 62 is particularly sad to me. As one-third of the legendary Bee Gees, he helped define the sound of the disco era I luv so much.

I absolutely cannot pick a favorite Bee Gees song. Too hard! But if I had to pick a song that’s practically guaranteed to get anyone anywhere up shakin’ their groove thing, it’s this one. I mean, the title kinda says it all, right?

OK y’all, crank up the volume and break it down in memory of the very talented Mr. Robin Gibb.


Despite actually living through the disco era, neither of my parents are disco music fans. Well, not as big a fan as I am.

I can’t remember what sparked my love affair with disco probably the clothes but it began in high school (I even made sure to play “Dancing Queen” on my 17th birthday. “Young and sweet, only 17.”) and it hasn’t let up.

So, needless to say, I’m pretty upset over Donna Summer’s death yesterday. You can’t talk about disco without talking about her; the two are inextricably linked.

Rest in peace, Donna. So many of us loved to love you.

For anyone who came of age in the ’90s, this phat megamix is a trip down memory lane. 

"Get Ready For This," "Barbie Girl," and "Sandstorm" are just a few of the 30-plus songs Benny The Juke Box plays for your listening enjoyment on the melodica! during this six-minute, 39-second medley. 

If this doesn’t put you in a good mood, I don’t know what will.


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