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SO EXCITED for Season 7!

Who’s excited for the return of “Mad Men”?!

Season 6 kicks off Sun., April 7 at 9 p.m. EST with a two-hour premiere! The following week it returns to its regular time slot at 10 p.m. EST with an episode directed by Jon Hamm.

Now feast your eyes on these promo photos:






There’s Something About Megan

Once again, Banana Republic and “Mad Men” are teaming up to create a clothing collection. Their muse?

Megan Draper.

Megan’s wardrobe is largely the inspiration for the 50-piece collection the third Banana has created in partnership with the show− that will be sold in select stores and on its website beginning March 1, 2013.

"Megan represents the young and modern," "Mad Men" Costume Designer Janie Bryant told WWD. “She really represents a changing of the times.”

Here’s a sketch of looks from the new collection:

Clothing prices will range from $49.50 to $140 for women and $44.50 to $375 for men. Accessories will cost between $29.50 and $128 for women and $45 and $69.50 for men.

Gah, I wish we didn’t have to wait so long!

Gosh, I miss “Mad Men”…

Mmm Mmm Good?

It’s “Mad Men” star Vincent Kartheiser like you’ve never seen him before! (I hope you read that in your most dramatic movie announcer voice.)

These pics are from Mr. Porter’s latest installment of “The Journal.”

Is it weird that I think Pete Campbell looks better with a porn star mustache?

Words to live by.

Words to live by.

(Source: corrinicorn, via bourbonandpearls)

Character Sketches

A while back I posted this Oscar de la Renta ad illustrated by David Downton. As you can see, his work is beautiful. So I was super stoked when I heard he’d added portraits of three “Mad Men” characters Don, Joan, and Roger to his repertoire.

Check ‘em:


Downton talks about his obsession with “Mad Men” here.

Credits: David Downton/British Vogue

I think it’s safe to say that anyone who watched the “Mad Men” Season 5 premiere on Sunday still has “Zou Bisou Bisou” stuck in their heads.

"Zou Bisou Bisou" or roughly “Oh You, Kiss Kiss”− was originally recorded by British singer/actress Gillian Hills. The song was prominent in a ménage à trois scene featuring Hills, Jane Birkin, and David Hemmings in the 1966 movie “Blow-Up.” 


And the lovely Sophia Loren sang an English version (above) in the 1960 movie “The Millionairess.”


Credits: YouTube

"Mad Men" has been on a 17-month hiatus and my memory isn’t what it used to be, so I found this "Where Season 4 Left Off" video really helpful. I forgot all about some major storylines!

More “Mad Men” goodies for ya:

  • A "Today Show" interview with the cast. The montage features one of my favorite Roger Sterling lines: “We can solve this problem with a flask.”
  • The show’s costume designer, Janie Bryant, talks about a typical workday for her. Crazy! 
  • A photo from Season 5, Episode 1, which is titled “A Little Kiss.”

Credits: AMC/YouTube

The wait is almost over

Y’all know I ♥ “Mad Men.” So when I found out AMC released Season 5 cast photos, I had to have a look. And now I’m sharing them with you.

You’re welcome.

The original Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce crew looking shipshape.

Pete and the boys reporting for duty.

Joan in green never gets old. Peggy’s looking a little more fashion-forward!

Just another day at the office.

They don’t make ‘em like this anymore…

I’ve decided I definitely have a thing for silver haired men.

Lane looking dapper. 

Digging all the shades of gray here.

This the only cast photo of Betty. Hmm…

This is, by far, the best Peggy has ever looked. 

She is crazy beautiful.

I cannot wait for the season premiere. It’s two hours long!

Credits: Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC