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The Caped Gladiator

I recently read a Cosmo interview with “Scandal" Costume Designer Lyn Paolo in which she offered hints about what my shero Olivia Pope will be wearing in Season 3:

"I’m madly in love with Dior right now. They’re bringing back capes and I’m mad about capes. There are going to be a lot of cape and glove moments."

I read that and I was like, “Shut. Up." Because guess who got this cape for her birthday last year?


I saw it at The Limited and fell in love. I have a soft spot for military details, especially on outerwear.

But it gets better.

I was so inspired by the opera-length gloves Liv wore last season



that I bought a pair for myself. And apparently I wasn’t the only one under the influence of gloves. Lyn told Cosmo:

"At the CFDAs, a bunch of designers told us they’re incorporating gloves this year because they just loved how the gloves looked on the show."

Wow, what a compliment to Lyn! I’m very interested to see exactly which designers were bitten by the glove bug. (Yes, that makes two plays on the word “glove.” Yes, I’m done.)

How do you feel about capes and gloves? Yay or nay?

She wears the white hat…er…dress

That title? It’s a “Scandal” thing. Get hip, people. 

Anyway, I never pass up an opportunity to write about two of my favorite things: "Scandal" and fashion. So when I read this “People” story about the gown Olivia wears in episode 208, I knew I had to post a little somethin’ here.

The dress is vintage. And beautiful, right?

The show’s costume designer, Lyn Paolo, told “People”:

"There were a lot of needs for this dress: I wanted it to be white to echo [an episode from] last year, and she had to be able to move in it, too— she had to run down a hallway in one scene, and withstand wind effects in another. So I needed something that flowed."

Run down a hallway?! Withstand wind?!

Fitz is totally going to get shot.

Jesus, be a fence.

Fashion, “Scandal,” and Kerry Washington. Does it get any better?!

(Source:, via scandalmoments)