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As faithful TMM readers know, I LOVE me some Lenny. So I’m pretty stoked about his documentary "Looking Back on Love," which was released  on iTunes Jan. 29.

The doc follows the recording process for “Black and White America” his most personal album to date in the Bahamas and features interviews with Lenny about his family and personal life.

"It’s about what I grew up in, what I know, what I feel comfortable in, the juxtaposition between the two," he told Rolling Stone. “It’s also where we are today.”

Kravitz also reflects on his parents, Sy Kravitz and “The Jeffersons” actress Roxie Roker.

"They went through a lot to be together."

Does Lenny Kravitz age?

That was a rhetorical question. Clearly the man does not age. I mean, have you seen him recently? Photos in a minute.

First, the reasons I ♥ Lenny:

  • He’s an amazingly talented musician. If you don’t already have them, download every song on his Greatest Hits album. Obviously he has other fabulous songs, but those are a good start. (You can thank me later.)
  • Um, he’s hot. REALLY HOT.
  • He’s a fellow halfie! And I knew he was my kind of people when he said this in an interview: “I decided I was tired of people telling me I wasn’t black enough, I wasn’t white enough, I wasn’t Chinese enough.”

Preach, Brother Lenny!

OK, now for the photos. These are from an editorial he did for the Fall/Winter 2011 issue of The Block magazine. (Photographed by Steven Pan, styled by James Worthington-DeMolet.)


Yes, I kicked this off with a shirtless pic. And?


The requisite soulful shot. He is a musician, you know.


Staring off into the distance. What is he thinking? (I could tell what I’m thinking, but I’ll refrain.)


"I’m a rockstar."


"But I’m also a gentleman."

There aren’t too many men who can pull off fur and a turtleneck. 


Photos: Tom & Lorenzo