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There is a kind of beauty in imperfection.

— Conrad Hall

I’m very boyish and I can be very feminine at the same time. I like contrasting things. I don’t like it when things are perfect; I like imperfection. I like sexiness, but I don’t like the first degree of it− the overly sexy, which, for me, is very vulgar. I’m very sensitive about the shoulders and legs. I like the fragility of the woman, but I like a strong woman at the same time. I think I try to put those two ideas together.

— Isabel Marant

I like my clothing with character. Things that have been lived in− imperfect and with stories. I don’t mind if it’s too small. I don’t mind if it’s too big. One thing I hate, though, is the perfect length.

— ~Andy Spade

Imperfection is never a mistake; it is a sign of humanity. You must break the codes, break the perfection.

~Lino Ieluzzi