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Um, so THIS happened

Yesterday morning I posted a photo of Kerry Washington. Why? Because it’s a pretty picture. And because I crush on her like it’s my job hard. 

I pretty much want to be Kerry Washington when I grow up.

So, yeah, I posted her picture and a reference to “Pretty Girl Rock.” Because of the lyrics.

My name is Keri/I’m so very/Fly…

I didn’t use the lyrics verbatim. And Keri Hilson and Kerry Washington spell their names differently because Kerry’s parents had the sense not to spell her name like a lotion brand. But you follow me, right?

Anyway… Last night I’m watching “Scandal” aka “Kerry’s Vehicle to the Superstardom She So Rightfully Deserves.” And I tweeted this:

Then I proceeded to check in on the “Scandal” cast because they live tweet each episode. During the east and west coast airings. Because they’re awesome like that. And I’m scrollin’. And I see this:

And I fangurled. To be frank, I. Lost. My. Shit.

Then I tweeted this to my friend Justin, who thinks my enthusiasm for “Scandal” is kind of cute and 100 percent psychotic:

Because I have no shame, people. NONE.

Well, that’s not entirely true. There’s a hint of shame. Which is why I didn’t use Kerry’s handle in that tweet. Plus, I couldn’t risk Kerry seeing that in her mentions and getting a restraining order. Because obviously I’m on her radar now.


And now I’m also Twitterfamous −my Cyrus tweet got 35 retweets and 14 favorites− and my public needs me.

So here I am.