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I see no lies here.

I see no lies here.

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Just when I thought I was over my center part… 

Just when I thought I was over my center part… 

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Damn you, Katie Holmes, for making me want thick, blunt bangs again. 

Damn you, Katie Holmes, for making me want thick, blunt bangs again. 

Good Hair →

Legendary hairstylist Vidal Sassoon died yesterday at age 84. Check out photos of some of his most iconic cuts, including the 5-point cut first modeled by Grace Coddington (former model and Vogue’s current creative director), at the link.

Two Guys, a Girl and a Presidential Race

Republican presidential candidates Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, and Mitt Romney are under the proverbial microscope and it seems no subject is too trivial for media coverage− including their carefully cultivated images.

Which explains why the excerpt below from Bachmann’s new book, Core of Conviction, has been published by several news outlets.

Bachmann’s mother had advised her to buy a pink suit and a matching purse, shoes and gloves for a 2007 fundraiser where George W. Bush would make an appearance on her behalf. However, as she rode in the presidential limousine with Bush, Tim Pawlenty, Norm Coleman and Karl Rove, Dubya questioned her attire.

…he looked down at my pink-gloved hand and asked with a crinkly smile: “Why are you wearing those gloves?” I explained and he said gently, “Lose the gloves.” I could see Rove agreed. And although I was still all dressed up, at least I wasn’t wearing, thanks to the president’s good counsel, those over-the-top gloves.

Tragedy averted. [rolls eyes]

For a piece published Nov. 4, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Robin Givhan (the first fashion critic to win a Pulitzer and a writer whose work I admire) turned her attention to Cain’s double-breasted suits. She thinks he should expunge every one of them from his wardrobe.

They are favored by high-end designers and aficionados of bespoke tailoring. But in this more casual age when the “suits” are feeling the rage of Occupy Wall Street, the Tea Party, and anyone who has helplessly watched the rapid decline of their 401(k) Cain’s garb carries with it a sort of haughty swagger.

Givhan goes on to say that “when it’s alleged that Cain wielded his executive power in a sexual and inappropriate way, that in-your-face, sartorial swagger reads in damning ways.”

She makes a compelling argument, doesn’t she?

And then there’s “the subject of unusually intense political speculation and debate,” according to The New York Times: Romney’s hair.

By far his most distinctive physical feature, Mr. Romney’s head of impeccably coiffed black hair has become something of a cosmetological Rorschach test on the campaign trail, with many seeing in his thick locks everything they love and loathe about the Republican candidate for the White House. (Commanding, reassuring, presidential, crow fans; too stiff, too slick, too perfect, complain critics.)

The Times even went as far as to interview Romney’s hair stylist for more than two decades, Leon de Magistris.

"I will tell him to mess it up a little bit," said Mr. de Magistris, 69. “I said to him, ‘Let it be more natural.’ ”

The suggestion has not gone over well. “He wants a look that is very controlled,” Mr. de Magistris said. “He is a very controlled man. The hair goes with the man.”

I think it’s smart for public figures to have a signature look. It makes them seem consistent, which (I imagine) is a positive attribute for someone running for public office.


Photos: AP, AFP-Getty Images

Melly Melts For…

Side-Swept Bangs.

Check ‘em:

I think peeking out from under side-swept bangs is fun. And a little sexy.

At some point, my bangs have looked just like the ones in the last three photos here− intentionally or otherwise . 

For months now, I’ve been growing my bangs out, and they’re almost there but I’m just so bored. I have a trim scheduled for tomorrow. I have the urge to change it up. But I don’t want to ruin my “hard work.”

My first world problems are so overwhelming…

She Whips Her Hair Back and Forth

Cathy Cambridge is newly minted royalty, so it’s only natural that people are commenting on her sense of style (or lack thereof, depending on who you ask) and beauty regimen.

Recently, Kelly Osbourne condemned the duchess for repeating outfits and Vivienne Westwood criticized her eye makeup. I even knocked her (and her sister) for stoking a renewed interest in sheer hosiery.

No matter your stance on her appearance, though, I think there’s one thing everyone can agree on: Girl has fantastic hair.

It always looks so thick and bouncy. I predict Cathy’s going to bring back big barrel curling irons and jumbo hot rollers in a major way.


Photos: Christopher Wahl for Vanity Fair