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At the end of the day, you have to sell clothes. Sure, you can make fashion that is spectacular and looks great in a museum show, but it’s unwearable and inaccessible. Fashion is an industry, and what makes Marc so special is he does make fashion− but with clothes. Which is quite rare today.

— ~Pamela Golbin on Marc Jacobs

I’m drunk when it comes to clothes. It’s a disease, like being an alcoholic.

— ~Nan Kempner

I got nothin’ but love for Columbus shops

It’s no secret that I’m passionate about apparel and shopping locally. So when the opportunity to write about both −at once− presented itself, I jumped at the chance. 

The result is a post for the Experience Columbus blog (If you haven’t checked it out, do yourself a favor and follow the link. Good stuff!) titled “Top Three Tuesday: Men’s Clothing Stores.”

I meant to share it here when it was published last month, but forgot. 

Check it:

Women’s clothing stores in Columbus get a lot of press− and rightfully so. We have some wonderful options in the capital city. However, I think it’s about time a few retailers that cater to the gentlemen get their turn in the spotlight.

Herewith, my list of the best local shops for men’s clothing. I’m confident that between the three there’s something for every man, no matter their age, profession, or style.


The minute you step inside its doors, it’s easy to see how a guy could fall hard for HOMAGE. An NBA Jam: Tournament Edition console sits in one corner, framed photos of world-famous athletes line the walls, and the softest, vintage-style T-shirts, tank tops and hoodies you’ll ever find are piled high on tables, or hanging neatly on circular racks, throughout. The brand prides itself on “paying homage” to eclectic moments and personalities in sports, music, politics, and pop culture. And, boy, does it ever. This week alone, HOMAGE released new Ts reppin’ more than 30 colleges and universities− and they all have a backstory. Bonus: the merchandise can be worn by either sex. Ladies, no need to steal his comfy shirts; you can buy your own.


If Brigade were a kid who went to high school with you, he’d definitely have been named “Best Dressed” in your class. He’d have swaggered through the halls looking natty but nonchalant, a copy of the latest “Esquire” atop his history and chemistry books. Brigade (the store) sells womenswear and menswear, but the latter is its strong suit, in my opinion. Expect a well-edited selection of high-end denim, slim-fit button downs, casual jackets, and unique accessories, such as a leather card case with a nickel chain or a raw-edged pocket square. Also, this store is ground zero for “big city” designer labels, such as Shipley & Halmos and Nicholas K. Oh, and the staff is quite knowledgeable, friendly, and always turned out. Of course.

Astor & Black Custom Clothiers

I’ll admit: Astor & Black is not for the faint of heart. Well-known athletes, celebrities, politicians, and CEOs frequently don the retailer’s handmade, custom suits featuring a full canvas layer between the fabric and Bemberg silk lining (which allows the suit fabric to drape naturally), working buttonholes, and picked stitching. Those kinds of design details are not standard in off-the-rack suits, so it should come as no surprise that Astor & Black’s prices are steeper than most shops’. Fittingly, its showroom is also unlike many others. Founder David Schottenstein once described it as a “high-end man cave” where customers can expect regular visits from a barber for an old school cut and shave, and (I’m imagining) martinis that are shaken, not stirred.



Clothes don’t make a man, but they have got many a man a good job.

— ~Herbert Harold Vreeland

I don’t design clothes. I design dreams.

— ~Ralph Lauren