Jenna’s Pics

I have a crush on Jenna Lyons. 

I know I’m late to this party (Google “Jenna Lyons girl crush” and you get 1,490,000 hits), but, trust me, my tardiness hasn’t dampened my adoration for J.Crew’s creative director and president.

Why do I ♥ Jenna? Let me break it down.

  • She’s a tall girl who (like me) isn’t afraid to wear high heels.
  • She’s a tall girl who (like me) frequently wears cropped pants.
  • She wears glasses (like me).
  • She’s not afraid to step out barefaced and braless (like me).

OK, don’t go thinking the only reason I’m crushing on Jenna is because she’s like me. Why I really ♥ Jenna:

  • She’s mastered the art of layering, and has an innate ability to mix and high and low, feminine and masculine, in the chicest way possible. (I’m not there yet, but I’m learning.)

Don’t take my word for it, though. Let Jenna’s pics (a play on “Jenna’s Picks,” an über popular rundown of her favorite things that’s published 14 times a year) do the talking. I went on a Jenna bender after a couple photos of her showed up in my Google Reader feed.

She never looks fussy. Ever.

She makes geek look chic.

That skirt, those shoes…I’m melting.

She can pull off denim on denim.

She’s not afraid to wear the same skirt twice. 

Oversize coat with shoulder pads? No problem.

Coincidentally, this week, the same week I discovered how much I like Jenna’s style, it’s being reported that she’s in the midst of messy divorce from Vincent Mazeau, her husband of nine years.

A J.Crew spokesperson told the New York Post the company does not comment on associates’ private lives. 

I hope the pair can resolve matters amicably.


Photos: Kendall K., nohanoor, The Glitter Guide, Celebrity Wonder, Wonderland California, Silhouetted Skyline, Red Glasses.

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