Does Lenny Kravitz age?

That was a rhetorical question. Clearly the man does not age. I mean, have you seen him recently? Photos in a minute.

First, the reasons I ♥ Lenny:

  • He’s an amazingly talented musician. If you don’t already have them, download every song on his Greatest Hits album. Obviously he has other fabulous songs, but those are a good start. (You can thank me later.)
  • Um, he’s hot. REALLY HOT.
  • He’s a fellow halfie! And I knew he was my kind of people when he said this in an interview: “I decided I was tired of people telling me I wasn’t black enough, I wasn’t white enough, I wasn’t Chinese enough.”

Preach, Brother Lenny!

OK, now for the photos. These are from an editorial he did for the Fall/Winter 2011 issue of The Block magazine. (Photographed by Steven Pan, styled by James Worthington-DeMolet.)


Yes, I kicked this off with a shirtless pic. And?


The requisite soulful shot. He is a musician, you know.


Staring off into the distance. What is he thinking? (I could tell what I’m thinking, but I’ll refrain.)


"I’m a rockstar."


"But I’m also a gentleman."

There aren’t too many men who can pull off fur and a turtleneck. 


Photos: Tom & Lorenzo

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