About Me

Melly, Mel, Mac, Viv− call me anything. Just don’t call me late for dinner. No really, don’t. I like to eat. And I really like a good cocktail. My favorite? A French 75.

A few of my other favorite things: coffee table books, tulips, and 20th-century art. I also enjoy hoarding nail polish, passing judgment, and removing lint from dark clothing.

I also enjoy posting a plethora of prepaganda HERE. (No, that’s not a typo. Just click the link.)

Since I’m not independently wealthy, I work a 9-to-5ish/6ish/7ish at 30 Lines, a fantastic digital marketing agency dedicated to helping brands improve their visibility online. To help them do that, I blog, tweet, post and pin stuff on their behalf.

In other words, I engage with strangers on the interwebz for money. Good times!

I’m also a featured writer for Columbus Underground, a community-driven website that offers news, reviews, commentary, and discussion about all things Columbus. I report on fashion and style, and spotlight the most unique people and places calling this city home.

Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to drop me a line.

Peace, Love and Stilettos Over Safety,

~Melanie McIntyre

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